Wing Tsun Kung-Fu

We at Golden Tiger Academy are pleased to announce our newest classes of Wing Tsun Kung-Fu, taught by Sifu Michael O’Leary who is a 4th Higher Grade instructor in this system of Kung Fu.

We teach Wing Tsun in a friendly and supportive environment where the emphasis is on helping students achieve their goals. And we don’t just teach Wing Tsun, we teach students how to learn. We actively encourage students to ask questions, to think about and to critically analyse what they are being taught. 

We believe that Wing Tsun is suitable for just about anybody. Not everyone is naturally talented but then the term “Kung-Fu” doesn’t mean “talent” in English.  It means “hard work”and that is what we ask of students. However we as an association also work hard in teaching and supporting students. 

We believe that there are three keys to learning Wing Tsun. Theory, practise and application. We teach the theory of Wing Tsun using simple, consistent and understandable language. Once the theory is understood, students can then practise with confidence. Using focused repetition, they will acquire and be able to apply real measurable skill.